Make It Happen

Interview Series!

Give Yourself Permission to Own Your Dreams and

Go For It!


Here's why Pachi Rocks!

Pachi McLeod is a transformational coach for spiritual entrepreneurs and leaders who want to create a life and coaching business that are beyond their wildest dreams! She’s a proud wife and momma of a 3 year old, Julian. She has invested most of her career to education, counseling and non-profits. Pachi is the founder of Coach Lady on Fire and Emprendedores Academy, an online academy for Spanish speaking entrepreneurs. ​

Pachi has a bachelors in Psychology, studies in Theology, Leadership and Business. She has invested thousands of hours in counseling and mentoring women and men. She has served thousands of people through her work with international organizations in the spiritual, personal and development field. ​Pachi is passionate about helping people embrace who they truly are, get in total alignment with their zone of genius and develop relationships that truly fill their soul!

When she’s not serving her boss lady clients, she is running around with her toddler, spending time with friends and family and traveling with her family as much as she can.  


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Yeees hunny! Pachi was droppin gems. I created these questions below to help you dig a little deeper and consider how you can apply some of these golden nuggets in your life. 

Like Pachi, you can start giving yourself permission to own your dreams and go for it.

1. How have you used your faith to take action on your dreams? If not, what do you think is holding you back from going for it?

2. As Pachi mentioned, how is your old self holding you back from moving forward? Where does the present you want to go next?

3. What are your "must haves" for this season? Do you have a family, family members, volunteer, church responsibilities, etc? How can you concentrate on your must haves to make room to take action on your dreams?

4. What's your big goal? What are some small goals that will lead to the big dream?

5. Who can you surround yourself with to help you Make It Happen? Where can you find groups of folks that want to make it happen too!

6. What can you set in your schedule to make sure you spend time working in your purpose? It could be starting a blog, creating an event, a career transition, etc.

7. How can you get excited for the new YOU that will be the result of you Making It Happen? Once you start taking action on your goal, what is going to keep you going?

8. Last step: Now, come share with us your TOP takeaway from today's interview. Share via the FB group here or on Instagram and tag @revitalizeher and @pachimcleod. Use the hashtag #MakeItHappenSeries




Your time is NOW to do this thing.