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Time: Freedom & Opportunity

Time. We always think there isn’t enough of it. We have reminders on our phone when we have 15 minutes left until our next appointment. We can barely stay focused on the task at hand because we have a mental countdown going on as well before our next appointment.

If we have a special event to go do, we count backwards to see at what time do we need to leave the house, by what time should i start getting ready, and so on. Now I know I have one hour before I have to start all of those things, so what can I do in the meantime. It seems like we either don't have enough time or we're trying to fill in the time that we do have. Join me and take a moment to consider this: Time is freedom. Time is opportunity.


It’s freedom in the way we choose to use our time. In America, we are not dictated by laws to keep us in. Yeah, sometimes we are limited on what we can do within a timeframe due to working hours and retail business hours. Other than a typical 9 to 5 job, you can shop online for clothes and groceries and get it shipped or delivered to your house when you need it.

When I think about our freedom with time, I think of someone training for a marathon. As it gets closer to the race, they run 15+ miles in one training session to prepare. Thats a few hours folks...just to practice. It's not even the real thing yet. This shows just how committed they are to reaching their goal. When is the last time you felt completely committed to a goal that you carved out the time to make progress or to "practice?"

In the movies, you hear women go to a book club to unwind for a couple of hours whereas men spend about four hours or so at the country club. Of course, they picked a long sport like golf and the ladies are having a quick book club meeting.

When is the last time, you gave yourself permission to use your time in a way to fully unwind. Do something you enjoy for more than a couple of hours and have your country club long enjoyment?


It’s an opportunity to do something different this time around.

An opportunity to reach out to someone you love.

An opportunity to improve yourself.

An opportunity to connect with others. 

An opportunity to try something different.

An opportunity to change they way we react to things.

An opportunity to enjoy the moments.

An opportunity to make new memories.

How can you look at time as an opportunity? What examples come up for you?

Remember, time is a gift that is given to us every day when we wake up. 

Time is Freedom.

Time is Opportunity.

Be well loves,



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