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Top 3 Places to Work on Your Biz Outdoors

As a working mom with a side hustle, I am always looking for ways to work on my biz without feeling guilty. So I carve out some day time sporadically to head outdoors sans family. Getting outdoors is one tool you can use to get away for a bit and gain a whole new perspective. These next few months are perfect times to get outdoors. Instead of working in your office, couch, or your spot around the dining room table, grab your laptop or notebook and get outside. Here are three of my favorite spots to work on my biz outside.

Coffee Shop

The ultimate classic location for me. I typically don't like the heat too much but sometimes it's too cold inside of the coffee shop so I sit outside in the seating provided. There is nothing like the people watching and the coffee aroma. Do you like the smell of a coffee shop too?

Starbucks is my go to location but I also try and find small owned coffee shops to post up and support. You're bound the find other folks working on their laptop which may end in a great networking opportunity.

Local Park

There is park near me that has a duck pond and some picnic tables. I'm not a sit on the grass kind of girl but I'll sit on a bench or at a table. It's another great people watching location and hearing the sounds of nature. Birds are always a sound I notice. When I visited Dallas and Houston, Texas, I distinctly noticed that the birds sounded different. I was curious as to the type of bird that lived out there. What park near you do you think you can visit to get some biz work done?

Friends House

It's one thing to hang out in your backyard but it's nice to be with another mommas as you both work on your biz. I know if I'm at my own house, I can always think or see a list of things that need to get done in the house. I could kiss my biz goodbye if I always stayed home to work on my biz. Instead, I'll visit a friend and we'll work on our business together and then have some girl time before heading back home.

The next time you have a free moment sans family or if you build it into your schedule, work on your biz outdoors. If you have older children, you may even get to spend some time on your business and carve out time to be present with your family. It's all about communicating with your family ahead of time.

What are your go to places outdoors? Do you have any mompreneur friends?

PS. Take consistent action in your biz without all the mommy guilt in your free workbook. Check it out here.

Photo by Alejandro Escamilla on Unsplash


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