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help solopreneurs
get unstuck and create new revenue streams!

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About Me
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Hey Solopreneur!

Adulting is hard! You’re busy, you’ve got a business to run or a job to go to every day. You leave in the morning and come back after dark.
You want more time with the kids but just don’t know how. Your plate is full, right? But what if I told you it’s possible to have it all, that you can have the money and the time?

I learned that there is never a "perfect"
time to start something, but it’s within OUR control to manage our time and make more money - if that's what we want. And that
means putting our attention on building  another lane that evolves with us. A second income stream isn't easy to build but once the
hard work is done, you'll be riding on easy street! All you need is a little bit of bravery, some planning and creative thinking, and a
healthy dose of guidance to pave the way.

As your Passive Income Strategist and Coach, I will work with you to create the lanes you need to build, grow and stabilize your foundation. We are individuals who wear many hats and titles in our own world. Let’s open ALL the lanes to your financial success. Who wouldn't love to have a
second income stream? The question is HOW?Don't procrastinate. Start now. Your time is here and I'm right there with you. I'm Tatiana
Cole, ready to guide you to your new and exciting path.

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Let's Work Together


Feeling stuck with where to start, how to start or WHAT to start for your next venture? 'Get Unstuck' is my breakthrough consultation where we lay out all of your dreams, ideas and aspirations and put them into an actionable plan.

You don't have to reinvent the wheel to build a new income stream. I will reorganize your thoughts and help you build a path that was always ready and waiting for you.

All you have to do is take a deep
breath, step forward and move into a new lane of opportunity with guidance, support and a whole load of enthusiasm. Let's get you unstuck so that you can be free.

Get It Done

Have you ever wanted to write an  e-book,  create a course,  host an event or have so many ideas, you're literally talking in your sleep? It's time to get those ideas out of your mind and make it work in practice.


As part of this coaching program, I will work with you to plan that book, create that workshop, set up that retreat ...whatever you have in mind. You don't have to work alone when you have an amazing Strategy Coach getting things done WITH you!

Tell me your wildest ideas and together, we will bring it to life. Dreaming is over.
Let's turn those big bright ideas  into a money-making reality.

Get Rolling

You've got the ball rolling with your next big idea. You have the plans. You've created the product./service. You've even made a few sales or two. Use this momentum to lock in your income stream so that your new idea doesn't become a future
time sink.


As your Strategy Coach, I will help you leverage what you're already doing in your business and repurpose your skills to create additional income. The goal is to create a strategy so that you can use it time and time again whilst also maximizing your primary salary.


Let's generate enough cash so that you can start to work less on business, and enjoy other areas of life.

Groups & Organizations

Is your group having trouble meeting goals or simply creating goals with an actionable timeline?

It's time to get clear on your vision and to set and plan for your goals.

Tatiana offers 90 day action plan workshops, quarterly planning session to coaching sessions for groups and individuals. 


Let's discuss how she can teach your group how to create and adjust action items to meet the project needs while considering personal needs and circumstances. 

Work WIth Me

Client Love


Book your interest call today!

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